Welcome to the Donjon System...

Serial Fiction is back

A new solar system, linked to our via a stable wormhole in the Kuiper Belt.

Terraformed and mined by Earth's underclasses, providing raw resources Earth desperately needs.

The gateway has just broken, leaving them stranded with no way back to Earth.

The unfolding story will be presented in serial, with bi-weekly issues revealing one or more chapters in the continuing saga. Each issue will follow the citizens of the Donjon system as they try to piece together a new society from the garbage left to them by the old one.

Donjon follows a donation-based selling model. An awful lot of work goes into both maintaining this website, and writing the episodes. So if you enjoy the story, please feel free to donate whatever you can comfortably afford. All episodes are free to dowload and read anytime you like, right to your favorite digital reading device (we cover the most popular, iPhone/iPad, Kobo, Kindle, Nook, Mac/PC).

At the end of six months a collected version will be compiled constituting one full novel. This will also be available for free download via this website.